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The Magdalene Home is a nonprofit organization and as such welcomes your support.

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Volunteer Policy

Requirements and qualifications for all volunteers who engage in regular or occasional unsupervised activities with the residents: These activities include, but are not limited to, overnight respite care, baby showers, craft projects, cooking a specialty meal, instructional classes taught in a systematic way as to promote the resident’s skills or knowledge of a particular area etc. Volunteers will receive an orientation to the goals and objectives of the maternity home program.

  • Criminal Background Check
  • Signed Confidentiality Statement
  • If providing more than 48 consecutive hours of unsupervised care a fingerprint-based check is required. Please review Fingerprint-based criminal history check guidelines on page 41.

Job Description/Responsibilities

To minister to pregnant young girls during scheduled activities, overnight care, special occasions and/or emergencies; to model the love of Christ through their actions and lifestyle to young girls facing one of the greatest Challenges of their lives.


  1. Committed Christian single or married.
  2. Active in the Christian community.
  3. Maturity sufficient to assume the responsibilities for young girls in care.
  4. Good spiritual, physical, and emotional health.
  5. Education, training and experience sufficient for the required duties.
  6. Have no substantiated report as perpetrator of neglect or abuse.
  7. Must complete volunteer training.
  8. Must pass a background check before volunteering at The Magdalene Home and then once every two years.
  9. Works under the direction of the Houseparent, Assistant Director and/or Executive Director


Overview of the ministry objectives, emergency protocols, house rules and guidelines, safety measures and precautions, tobacco policy, & serious incident reporting.

Specific programs that are developed by the maternity home to augment the care and services for residents may have additional training hours required for volunteers utilized in specialized programs.

All volunteers are required to pay for background and criminal history check fees. If there is a financial difficulty preventing a qualified volunteer from getting the required training or background/criminal checks, the Executive Director has the right to waive or cover the fees.

Requirements and qualifications are for all volunteers who engage in occasional supervised activities with the residents are not required to have fingerprint-based criminal checks done.

The Magdalene Home

The Magdalene Home is an environment where young pregnant girls find loving support both emotionally and spiritually through their pregnancies.


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